Rodent Control

Superior Rodent Control Services

Rodents Belong Outside, Not in Your Home

It is extremely easy for rodents to enter into your residence or commercial building. To invade your home, mice only need a ¼ inch of space, and a rat only needs an inch. Most of the times, they will hit the kitchen and leave trails of disease and contamination. 
Moran Pest Control is dedicated to solving your rodent issues in a fast and efficient manner. We also help you keep squirrels and raccoons at bay. Call us for a FREE quote on your next service.

Do You Think You Have Mice?

Most of the times, that scratching and clawing on the wall can be attributed to a rodent infestation. Let us use our humane methods to control the rodent population breeding in your home.

How Do We Help You Get Rid of Rodents?

By using the most humane treatment possible, we eradicate rodents from the premises easily. We use human-friendly and pet-friendly products, so there will be no repercussions from the products.

Rodent Removal Services

  • Humane removal
  • Rodent inspection
  • State-of-the-art techniques
  • Human-friendly and pet-friendly products

Let Our Professionals Inspect Your Property

An annual inspection is important, especially for licensed businesses. We can tell you if you have an infestation or a potential infestation on your hands. Count on our qualified workers to give you quality solutions at affordable prices.
Your infestation requires professional care. Call us today for a FREE inspection.
Trust Moran Pest Control to provide your home or office with quality pest control services.
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